Voxie is Zipwhip’s Preferred Replacement Partner


Risk Free Transition

Talk to a product expert to learn more about bringing your business messaging over to Voxie

Transfer your existing number, contacts, groups and templates in minutes. We’ll do all the heavy lifting.

  • Easy and transparent pricing 
  • Familiar features to keep your business going 
  • Enhanced SMS compliance to keep you and your business safe in an evolving world 

"I am a past customer of Zipwhip and made the transition to Voxie several months ago. The Voxie platform is excellent and the best part is their team of great people. It seems hard nowadays to find a great product that also has great service, but Voxie has figured it out and does both. I highly recommend them."
-Billy Jaynes,  Franchise Owner of Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch

Thousands of retail, franchise and local businesses have switched to Voxie to power their business texting

Voxie is the best-kept secret of top retail and franchise brands


Drive more new and repeat purchases

Your Voxie text campaign will quickly put you top-of-mind with new and existing customers, increasing new and repeat purchases with the help of our AI-powered platform.


Quickly re-engage your loyal customer base

Use Voxie to reach out to your past customers and invite them back with personalized specials and promotions. With 98% open rates, your messages will reach your customers and lead them to action.


Maximize customer revenue

Timely text messages to customers deliver a dramatic increase in In-store and online orders. And once engaged, Voxie keeps them coming back again and again.

2-way conversations

Voxie is the only AI-based, conversational text marketing platform that delivers:

behavior-based insights

unlimited scale

white glove service

"We use the text message marketing service Voxie provides to help drive interest in our retail locations. We provide information about the new store openings and special promotions at each of our stores. Voxie was a great tool for introducing concept as it helped bring traffic into our store, and increased business from both existing and new customers."

With Voxie, it takes a total of about 15 minutes to send a message to thousands of people within our target audience. With our old provider, that would take over a week to do; the labor alone would pay for Voxie 5x over. Labor aside, Voxie allows us to unlock and tap into cold prospect lists at each Massage Heights Retreat that we already paid once to acquire. As a result, once the ROI starts to compound with the LTV of memberships sold, it’s a revenue snowball… all for very little effort or cost.

Justin Delaney, CEO at Buff City Soap

– Matt Goebel, Franchisor at Massage Heights